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Broken Garage Door Springs Replacement Tips - Orange County Home Garage Doors

Posted on 2016-03-21 by Author admin

Garage Door Spring Replacement Tips

One day, your garage door stops working properly. It can happen suddenly for a myriad of reasons, but it is something that must be handled. After all, you wouldn’t want your car to be stuck in the garage just because of your door. If you want to fix your garage door yourself, Orange County Home Garage Doors is going to give you the information you need to find the best springs for the job.

Identifying the Problem

Before you head on over to the hardware store, you should identify the problem with your garage door. First of all, there are some problems that you can’t be fixed with a few simple tools. If you find a crack in your masonry wall, a shift in a foundational wall, black mold or things have reached a level that you feel is outside of your area of expertise, then you should call a professional. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Most of your problems can be solved by installing a new spring. As you may have guessed, your garage door spring is what counterbalances the weight of your garage door. Several situations can cause your garage door spring to stop functioning, such as wear and tear and exposure to the elements.

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Getting the Proper Spring

Your garage door either utilizes a one or two spring system. Once you have identified the system, you need to measure your springs. There are four parameters to spring measurements. Without paying special attention to the parameters for your spring, you may get the wrong one, which can be dangerous when trying to install it into your garage door system.

Measure Wire Size In order to measure your wire size, measure it along 20 coils of your spring. To get a more accurate measurement, you can measure along every 10 coils of your spring up to 40. Rounding is okay, but make sure that you are at the closest number possible.

Measure Spring Diameter The next thing you want to do is measure the inside diameter of your spring by placing the measuring tape alongside your spring’s width. It is important to still check, but most American homes use a spring with a two inch inside diameter.

Measure Spring Length Measure your spring length and be as close as possible. Unlike other measurements, it is okay to be within an inch or two of your measurements as the length of your spring can change after prolonged usage or exposure to various weather conditions.

Find Your Spring’s Orientation Look at your springs from inside your garage facing out towards the driveway. If your spring is on your left side, then it has a right wound orientation. If your spring is on your right side, then the spring has a left wound orientation. If your spring utilizes a two spring system, you can skip this step.

Important Tips

If your garage door only uses a one spring system, consider using a two spring system as it lessens the stress on your springs and prolongs their life. Keep your springs maintained properly by using lubricant. Remember that removing springs from your garage door requires the use of special tools and patience. If you find yourself unable to complete the task or unsure of how to properly install your springs, consult a professional.

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